Update 1: Tokenomics, distribution and roadmap

First of all we would like to thank everyone for showing an enormous amount of interest towards the project. We are now at 1600+ members on telegram, from just 100 two days ago. Your support makes us super motivated to work hard towards our objective to create a decentralised ecosystem for gaming.

As promised, here’s our first update regarding the tokenomics, distribution and roadmap for the VERSE.network decentralised gaming ecosystem.

The VERSE token will be the cryptocurrency as well as the governance token of VERSE ecosystem. There will be only 12,000,000 VERSE tokens in existence and no more can be ever minted. Liquidity providers will be able to earn additional VERSE tokens through yield farming.


Total Tokens: 12,000,000 VERSE

Team: 2,400,000 VERSE

Marketing: 1,400,000 VERSE

Yield farming: 2,000,000 VERSE

Presale: 4,000,000 VERSE

Liquidity: 2,000,000 VERSE

Airdrop: 200,000 VERSE

Details regarding the uniswap listing price will be shared in an update on the presale details.


Q2 2021 Launchpad, VERSELink and Marketplace

Q2 2021 — Announcement regarding our first Game

Q4 2021 — launch of Vstream ( video streaming platform )

Q4 2021 — launch of Vwage ( betting platform )

Q1 2022 — Announcement regarding eSports tournament

As we said in our last post, we will not rush this project and deliver an unpolished product. The Launchpad will be the first product to be released, closely followed by VERSELink. This will ensure we receive valuable feedback from the Game developers of Launchpad projects while building VERSELink. The launch of VERSELink will be followed by the launch of the Marketplace to ensure the projects from launchpad are able to list in-game assets for trading on launch.

Our utmost priority is to ensure that all the three core blocks of our ecosystem are completed by the time the first project from our launchpad releases their game. Once VERSELink is almost developed, we will be in a position to make further announcements regarding our upcoming MOBA ( Massively Online Battle Arena) Game. This game will take full advantage of our ecosystem and be one of the first games to implement FNFT ( Fractional NFT ) for character skins and other in-game tradable items. We will be organising competitive eSport tournaments around the game, which is going to be epic. More details about the Vwage platform for betting and Vstream platform for video streaming will be released in a future update.

For time being, we are open to any questions on our telegram group. Follow us on twitter to receive future updates from us. See you with the next update.

Building a decentralised ecosystem for gaming to fund development of games taking advantage of blockchain and facilitate trading of in-game items as NFT’s.